Ayuda is a licensed bi-lingual bi-cultural Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. We specialize in Court Ordered Forensic Populations and accept non-Court Ordered Populations.

All services are also available in Spanish

We provide services for:

Domestic Violence
Animal Cruelty
Substance Abuse
Immigrant Populations
Trafficking of Humans
Mental Health
Evaluations for the above specialties
DUI Education and Therapy Classes
Victim Empathy
Anger Management
Couples Counseling
Minors in Possession
Day Reporting and Monitoring (BA's, UA's, and Antabuse)
Individual or Group Treatment
Victims of Domestic Violence Evaluations for Immigrant Women (Russian, Latin American, etc.)


Anger Management

Here are some hard facts to swallow about anger: 1) We do not ownour anger, it owns us, and 2) Like it or not anger has nothing to do directly with the person or thing we are angry at but everything to do with us. In the absence of an extremely rare life-threatening situation, anger never makes a situation better, only worse. It does not bring about justice or make a wrong situation right. And what about 'righteous anger?' Do you really know what that is? Isn't it something very different from what we normally consider to be anger? And are you in a position to accept such a burden anyway? For nearly all of us, I think the answer is no.

Think of anger as an alien force. We may talk of conquering anger, but that should not be confused with controlling anger. When we wish to control our anger, we are asserting that we own it. We want to be free of anger and its destructive affects, not control it or bottle it up. Nor does attempting to be rid of our anger by venting it, even therapeutically, hardly ever work. In fact, venting usually just reinforces anger. I've heard someone say that anger is something we need to outgrow. Now that might sound a little pompous or difficult, but that's probably exactly right.