Couples Counseling

Carefully consider the source you select when you go for couples counseling. You must find a marriage counselor, family counselor or relationship therapist that suits both partners. One partner may prefer seeking counsel from a pastor, counselor or religious authority in the community. The other partner wants to go where no one knows him. Part of the success of couples counseling depends on both parties feeling completely comfortable with the chosen counselor. Whether it's someone from your church, a therapist recommended by your health insurance company or a stranger chosen from the phone directory, make sure both you and your partner are at ease. The chosen counselor must be professional and qualified in order to get the best results. Nowadays, there are online counseling services that provide even greater privacy.

You must go into couples counseling with a positive attitude. Willingness to open up to the therapist, share your true feelings and be open to instruction is vital. Every successful family, business or sports team starts with a plan. A good therapist outlines a plan of action towards attaining a healthy, intimate relationship. Your willingness to follow that plan with an open mind determines your outcome. Knowledge plus application equals success.