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The Domestic Violence Monthly Progress Reports provides the minium requirements for being in compliance with the New Domestic Violence Standards

The domestic violence monthly progress report provides referral agents with easy to read information about offender treatment plan review, offender progress regrading competencies, any recommendations related to discharge planning, offender's level of treatment, evidence of new risk factors and offender degree of compliance such as fees, attendance, and level of participation

The Domestic Violence Monthly Progress Report

Price $55.00

The Domestic Violence Core Competency Process Poster

Domestic Violence Core Competency Poster Set

Price $77.00

The Domestic Violence Core Competency Process Handouts

Domestic Violence Core Competency Poster Handouts

Price: $30.00

This Anger Management Map measures the parameters of Stress Management, Interpersonal Assertion, Interpersonal Aggression, Empathy, Interpersonal Deference and Personal Change

Anger Management Intake Packet/Forms

Price: $100.00

Provides process for treatment and counseling to children and families

DUI Education and Therapy Intake Packet/Forms

Price: $150.00

The purpose of a DUI evaluation is to conduct an initial screening to obtain significant and relevant information from a DUI offender about the nature and extent of the use of alcohol or other drugs.

DUI Evaluation Packet/Forms

Price: $150.00

The need to recognize and put an end to animal cruelty for the sake of the animal victims involved.

Animal Cruelty Intake Packet/Forms

Price: $200.00

Evaluation process allows animal care agencies to present an accurate position.

Animal Cruelty Evaluation Packet/Forms

Price: $250.00

Help direct supervision of the Domestic Violence Intake process investigations

Domestic Violence Intake Packet/Forms

Price: $150.00

Evaluation is an important element in providing domestic violence services. It offers the field relevant data on effective prevention and intervention

Domestic Violence Evaluation Forms

Price: $100.00

To improve the lives of immigrant women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking

Victims of Domestic Violence for Immigrant Women Packets

Price: $200.00

Gain access to the most appropriate mental health services and recommendations

Mental Health Intake Packet/Forms

Price: $100.00

Identifying thinking errors and skills to change unhealthy thought patterns

Mental Health Evaluations Packet/Forms

Price: $200.00

Guidelines are provided for developing individualized treatment plans

DUI Education and Therapy Curriculum

Price: $30.00

To help gain a better understanding of animal cruelty laws and to recognize the importance of stopping animal cruelty

Animal Cruelty Curriculum

Price: $200.00

The need for a one on one individualized and sensitive intervention coaching model

Anger Management Curriculum

Price: $100.00


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