Victim Empathy

Victims may become emotionally or physically crippled. They may become totally impoverished. They may lose everyone they love as a result of a sexual crime. Nightmares, sleep disorders, sexual problems, uncontrollable anxiety, prostitution, eating disorders, lack of confidence, drug abuse, lack of self-esteem, hypochondria, alcoholism, confusion and an inability to make choices, guilt, depression, an inability to form long term relationships, and self defeating behaviours are some of the effects of sexual crimes on victims. In a good treatment program, you will learn the detailed effects of your crimes. You must also read and think about the experiences that your victim/s have gone through and are now going through as a result of your crimes


One way to learn about how victims feel is to think about some questions (below) they might want to ask you. They may not be able to ask these questions out loud because they're scared, shy, embarrassed, or for many other reasons. Read through each question and try to write a short answer to each, as if you were speaking to your victim. You may choose to write longer answers to some questions.

Questions Victims of Sexual Abuse May Ask:

1.  Why did you do those things to me?

2.  Why did you pick me, what did I do?

3.  Will you ever do those things to me again?

4.  Have you done that to anyone else?

5.  Are you getting counselling now?

6.  How has counselling helped you?

7.  Do you still love me?